Leeza-Your Upscale Companion

Leeza-Your Upscale Companion

Name:     Leeza
Location:     Chicago, IL
Call:     (312)446-6142
Age:     32
Height:     5′ 11
Size:     36DD+
Ethnicity:     Black
Service:     1 HR: $500
Website:     www.sexyleeza.com

I love what I do. In the arms of a man I melt like warm chocolate. I am sweet, loving and passionate. I have been told my smile, my laugh, and just the way I walk is seductive. Inside of me is this intense sexual woman-child. Men recognize it immediately. I’m tall and very naturally curvy with a slim waist and long legs. I can feel their eyes on me as I walk confidently down Michigan Avenue on a warm summer day shopping. I love dressing in a fashion that is very classy and tasteful, yet eye-catching. I’m excited just thinking about what they must be imagining.

When that sensuous being inside of me is awakened with a loving embrace or a soft warm kiss my fuse gets lit. That’s when the fireworks begin. For as long as I can remember I have always had the most intense encounters. There is something about the scent of a man, his kiss, his touch that brings out this raw sexuality in me. I become very responsive, very hungry, very intense.
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