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I’m Iris, an irreverent girl with black hair and beautiful black eyes. Currently based in Chicago, I am one of the nation’s most highly regarded escorts.

This is where I could vie for your attention with a ton of adjectives boasting about my sexual prowess and amazing physique. Who are we kidding? You have eyes and you made it this far. I suspect you have a sense of what you’re getting yourself into. A sensually intriguing woman, I could be considered a Type A person in that I live life. I’m definitely not a bystander. Call me a free spirit with a zest for adventure and making moments count. A character who is part lover, confidant, nerd, business women, meta hippie and sensual muse. All wrapped up in a delicious all-natural frame I doubt you’d kick out of bed. Not a bad find for someone looking for a unique encounter. For me that raw authentic connection is the fantasy. Not a woman pretending to be something she’s not. You can walk down the street and get that all day long. Being in a space where you’re 100% comfortable to be you, that’s the rarity these days. Once you get my playful sense of humor, I think you’ll find me fucking adorable and pretty damn hot. I wouldn’t say I’m cocky, just confident.


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