Stella Rose

Stella Rose

Phone: (773)953-1704

Hello, Mister…

A phrase I regularly find escaping my lips upon opening a door. I see you for who you are immediately, but who am I? Am I your commanding mistress, your bratty princess, your adventurous companion? I’m a little of none and all of the above. I’m an East Coast downtown throughly modern minx by way of Northside Chicago. I’m a magical blend of quirky, relaxed xxxxx with a xxxxx for the occasional bedroom experimentation with the right partner. Ultimately, I’m a cool, normal girl who happens to like to get a little sultry behind closed doors.

I’m your kinky girlfriend and provocative playmate.

I spent years working and training as a dominatrix, well, switch actually, but honestly never felt like the title accurately reflected myself and my style. I remain touchable and real. I love to laugh with my xxxxxx and break character with a wink and a grin mid-scene. I am passionate, skilled, and educated in the technicality, vocabulary and philosophy of kink, but am equally fluent in the language of love.

I simply would never be able to chose between the two.

I’ve had many travels- I’ve run away with the circus, I’ve picked up and moved across the country on a whim, I’ve played muse and been immortalized in several published works, I’ve curated art shows, etcetera, etcetera… I’d love you take part of my future adventures whether that is privately discovering your latest taboo curiosities, me giddy leading you through warmly lit streets and cafes of cities unexplored, or simply waking up in satin sheets with nothing on but the radio:

I’m your gal.


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