*Photos verified** http://isabellaplatinum.com

*Photos verified** http://isabellaplatinum.com


Name:     Bellaplatinum
Location:     Chicago, IL
Age:     30-39
Height:     5′ 9
Size:     36D
Ethnicity:     Caucasian
Service:     1 HR: $500
Availability:     Please email for appointment isabellaplatinum@gmail.com
Website:     isabellaplatinum.com

Come to a place where there are no expectations placed on you,in which you can totally be free and relaxed let me be your guide to a total immersion of pleasure.My goal is to help you experience through the physical,an electrifying union of mind,body,spirit and emotions like you never have before.I welcome you to the relaxing and pleasant environment that my beautiful studio provides,the soothing rhythmic sounds softly playing in the background,the carefully selected scents that drift in the air,the experience begins…

….. You lie comfortably on the heated sheepskin covered bed. The lightly fragrant candles flicker,providing a soft glow.. . oil warmed in my gentle hands before I begin to caress your skin.My silky hands stroke and my steamy breath sweetly warms your skin. Now body to body……The blissful sensations and boundless passion build to a crescendo of infinite pleasure….how much more can you endure,you are ready to explode into a thousand different directions,the sensations are soooo exquisite…just a little bit longer,you tell yourself,but oh it feels like heaven on earth,never wanting it to end….finally,breathing hard,heart pounding in your chest,every sense intensely aware…….for the actual experience,stop reading and schedule now.I truly LOVE what I do and also love and welcome novices!


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