Fun college girl out for the summer

Fun college girl out for the summer

Name:     Monica Moonstar
Location:     Chicago, IL
Call:     708-555-2237

Age:     18-22
Height:     5′ 4″
Size:     34D
Ethnicity:     Caucasian

Hi ya I’m Monica,

Im 100% real and so are all the pictures, no touch ups, airbrushing, or photoshops. What you see is what you get. Im not perfect or even close, I have my flaws. I’m not stuck up and full of self. I am NOT the hottest thing on earth and don’t try to be….. But Overall people say im pretty hott and and have a pretty good personality. Im a red head. I’m completely independent, with no pimps, mangers or agencies controlling me. There are NO booking fees or giving half your money to a middle man. There is NO middle man deal with me directly. I have transportation and it’s a “driver.” Im pretty open on time…..just won’t miss a class for you. Same day appointments are usually possible, I would need only about three-four hours advanced notice( girl time +travel time) but the sooner you i hear from you the better. I WILL NOT play games with you so please don’t play games with me. If you have an appointment I will always show. Please don’t cancel on me last minute.


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