Daphne Dixon

Daphne Dixon

Email: daphne.dixon@protonmail.com

Get grounded in who YOU are – beyond all the roles you play for others in life…

Cultivate curiosity
Indulge the intellect
Satiate hunger
Expand boundaries
Deepen the capacity to love self & others
Manifest your deepest desires…

We create the lives we want through small steps, patience & perseverance.
We understand what it is we want through exploration, self-examination & never being satisfied with the 1st answer that comes to us…

I choose my clients carefully, and screen for both safety and compatibility.

I am NEVER available same day… Minimum 72 hours notice for new clients, but suggest a week or more planning to align schedules.

Serving Chicago and the Great Lakes region (any city in OH, MI, or IN) by advance appointment only.

2 hour minimum – deposit required

I keep a well-curated, creative, drama free social media feed to inspire & give a sense of my energy. Those who research fully should be able to tell if I am what you seek beyond my photos.

No tours. Exclusive travel only outside the Great Lakes.

I welcome all bodies and genders, as well as couples.

Support. Guidance. Coaching. Consulting. Education. Companionship. Travel.


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