Celine Baudin

Celine Baudin

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Something that starts with a casual glance can end almost anywhere. Where do we want to go?

If you ever wondered what it would have been like spending an evening with the girl you caught staring at you in the library stacks in college, matched with a sweet and down-to-earth demeanor, you’ve found her. Like you, she pays attention to detail and is curious about exploring new possibilities. Quite charming, she caught you glancing at her and smiled at you, wishing you would have introduced yourself. What if you had a chance to talk to her? What would it be like sharing an occasion with someone who can captivate you in a number of ways?

Though I fell in love with the big city, I will always be a nice girl from the Midwest. I love culture, but I’m not pretentious. If you want someone to leave her nose in the air, I’m not for you. I’d much rather look you in the eye. Let’s forget the world, even just for a moment, and have an uncomplicated, unspoiled good time.


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