I’m Alyx, and from the moment we meet, you will be mesmerized by both my aesthetic and aura. I’ve the youthful face of a woman in her mid 20’s, the body of an olympic athlete (I can deadlift 200#!), the voracious carnal appetite of a woman in her 40’s, and a level of intellect and maturity congruent with my 33 years.

And if you have already peeked at my website, then you have felt my presence: Erotic, artistic, strong, balanced, flowing, thoughtful …

I designed it to perfectly reflect my essence, and to evoke emotions deeper than pure carnal lust. Emotions that, when combined with what you feel when viewing my photos, create a force magnetic and indelible.

When we meet, you will find that I am as real as real can be. 🙂 My charmingly down to earth personality will bring a smile to your face as my tall, breathtakingly feminine, gym sculpted figure redirects blood flow. I work hard to maintain a muscular form without losing my feminine curves, and you will have a hard time deciding whether my long toned legs, perfect 36Cs, or tight round bum are my best features. 🙂

When not in sexy gym attire, you will find me in a breezy sundress or a classic little black dress and heels. My makeup is always minimally and beautifully applied (highlighting my natural features rather than creating optical illusions) and my long, natural, luxurious mane of reddish brown hair cascades down my back. I take excellent care of appearance in order to present you with a pretty, natural canvas.

The unified embodiment of both my cultured upbringing and my lifelong flair for the artistic, I am part tattooed vixen, part girl next door, and 100% erotic.

Every moment together will be authentic. In my presence, you will feel the radiant happiness of someone who genuinely loves men, lives a balanced, purpose driven life and who is comfortable in her own skin.

My ideal liaison is a dance of power .. a seamless blend of romance and erotic adventure. I love exploring the depths of the mind/body connection and fulfilling someone’s previously unrequited fantasies. After all, something special occurs when the cerebral & sensual intertwine. Something inimitable that speaks to us at our animal core.

So are you a book whose cover does not reveal the entire story? Are only a select few are aware of the depths of your complexity? Does even the slightest rebellious flame burn inside your besuited chest?

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, then you and I are kindred spirits…….. And don’t you know that kindred spirits make for excellent bedfellows? 🙂


•Unavailable Mondays & Thursdays from 7:00 – 9:00 pm
•Other than that, available seven days a week (with as much advanced notice as possible) until January 7th
•100% unavailable from January 8th – March 30th.

60 minute dates (only avail. to P411 members) $700
90 minutes / $900
2h / $1,200
longer engagements delineated on website


Link to reviews (the erotic review)